Google Adwords – Keywords and Combinations

Google Adwords – Keywords and Combinations


To be able to generate traffic, one must be able to determine the right keywords and key phrases which should be employed.

The Google Adwords system asks the participants what keywords they would like to bid on. Bidding on the wrong keywords will only lead to a waste of time and money.

There are different resources out there such as “overture” which help in the assessment of target phrases. They show the different keywords and corresponding hits through search engines. This information is very important in developing a strategy in the Google Adwords system.


One should be able to determine the right keyword or the right key phrases to be able to optimize the traffic that is to be generated.

The keywords should be specific to the product and should reflect its features. Using the words “free,” “cheap,” “discount” can be helpful if they are applicable to the product.

The Google Adwords system is a great way to generate traffic. However, one must study the system before putting serious amounts of money into it.

It is a pricing game and no one would want to lose a lot of money for marketing efforts which are not suitable to their endeavors.

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